Why Dragonflies?
The short answer is I just like Dragonflies. I have always been fascinated by their ability to change directions while in flight.

If you look at dragonflies in other cultures you see both good and sinister. The image of dragonflies in European cultures tends to be rather sinister. I prefer to focus on the more positive Native American and Japanese images.

For some Native American tribes they represent swiftness and activity, and for the Navajo they symbolize pure water.

In Japan dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness.

With these Native American and Japanese images you can see why I would use the image of the dragonfly to represent an ISP that is intended to be clean and safe. It takes courage and strength to move away from the status quo (avoiding the non-healthy aspects of the internet in general). And I hope to provide a level of service to keep my subscribers happy.

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