McKeand Consulting, LLC is looking at the possibility of starting a new Wireless Internet Service Provider in the local area. We would like your feedback on the services and options being considered. Your opinion will help us determine the direction of high speed internet service availability in the local rural areas not currently served. Please read the following summary of our goals and provide your feedback by taking our survey.

While our main goal is to provide High-speed Internet Access to people not reached by Northland Cable Internet and AT&T DSL service, we will be offering serveice to everyone within our coverage area (click here to see expected coverage). The service we will be supplying will be a filtered internet access to provide a family safe internet experience. The filter will prevent access to sites such as gambling, pornography, pop-ups, fraud, criminal, violence, etc. Additionally, the filtering will provide an initial level antivirus and spyware protection. The service will strictly be a connection to the internet. Email and web space will not be provided. There are a number of free services already available on the internet, such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail.

Pricing Options / Connection Speeds offered (Down / Up speeds)

  • 256 Kbps / 256 Kbps for $24.99
  • 512 Kbps / 512 Kbps for $39.99
  • 768 Kbps / 768 Kbps for $54.99
  • 1 Mbps / 1 Mbps for $69.99


  •  CPE (Client Premise Equipment) $160-$260
  •  Installation Charge $100

Cost of CPE equipment will depend on range requirements, and there may be additional cost involved for any materials needed. (ie. mounting brackets/towers, cable, surge protection/grounding block, and etc.) A free site evaluation will determin equipment needs and any additional costs.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey form - all information is optional:


Email Address

Phone Number


Contact Preference Email

If the services were available today, would you sign up for service? Yes

Would you agree to a one year commitment? Yes
Prefer Longer
Prefer Shorter

Which service level would you choose? (down/up speed) 256 Kbps / 256 Kbps for $24.99
512 Kbps / 512 Kbps for $39.99
768 Kbps / 768 Kbps for $54.99
1 Mbps / 1 Mbps for $69.99

Is the filtering a benefit to you? Yes

Would you prefer unfiltered access? Yes

If you would not sign up for service, what is the primary reason?

Do you have any questions or concerns?

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