We want to be your vice-free internet service provider.

What do I mean by "Vice-Free"?

We all know abut the "bad" stuff on the internet. We are all bombarded by filth on the internet. The goal of Dragonfly-WISP.net is to provide a family-safe, vise-free Internet experience.

While there are many software products that can filter internet content (both free and paid). It is a simple matter to bypass the software – easily done by booting from any of a number of “Live” Linux CDs for example. My approach will be to filter the content at the ISP, before the content enters the end users computer. If access to a pornography web site is blocked by the ISP, you just cannot get there from here.

We want to set an example for other ISPs that the Internet does not need the JUNK. I realize that this is an uphill battle. Some reports show that there are over 260 new pornographic web sites each day. This does not include the gambling, hate or other vise related sites.

The basis for starting this project is my strong Christian beliefs. I hope that others will see that the world does not need this filth.

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